It is an honor and privilege for me as the Minister of Sports to welcome you, on behalf of the Ministry of Sports (MOS), to view our website “As the role of our dynamic webpage is to adequately inform the wider world of the potential of Sierra Leone’s Sporting Sector and its activities in a bid to optimize service in the Sustainable management of Sporting Disciplines ’’.

I wish to extend my deepest appreciation to our donor partners especially the World Bank, EU, FAO for supporting the efforts of MFMR to rationally manage the Sierra Leone’s Fisheries Resource to stimulate economic gains and enhance food security for the benefit of the Sierra Leonean Population.

The Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources is quite conscious of the fact that in achieving sustainable management goals of the sector, it is key that accurate and timely information are disseminated through the web portal for public consumption.

This technology, therefore serves as an integral aspect of the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources (MFMR) in its strides to promote responsible and sustainable fisheries practices through good governance while contributing to poverty reduction and wealth creation in Sierra Leone.

Once again thanks for your interest in Sierra Leone’s fisheries sector and the MFMR policy drive to attract direct foreign and local investment.

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About MOS

The Ministry of Sports has since the first Republic undergone several changes in its structure and functions to reflect the policy directions of the incumbent Government. In 1978 the Ministry was re-designed for only sports headed by a Commissioner for Sports, who was directly responsible to the then Head of State of the Republic.


After an era of mediocrity in the 1960s, Sierra Leone’s soccer clubs entered a new era in the late 1970s and all of the 1980s when they made a brilliant impression on the minds of football fanatics in Africa

We may not have won the Africa Cup of Champions or the Africa Cup-Winners’ Cup, though twice we came close to clinching the WAFU Cup, but clubs from Sierra Leone helped to make African competitions very thrilling and sensational.

There was the great Waterfront Boys–Ports Authority –who had one of the most exciting sides in the 1970s with inimitable names like Hassan Topeh Mansaray, Sorie Hercules, Joseph Ngaimoh Bangura, Aki Noah (whose head is encircled in pic), the great dribbler and goal scorer Sam Obi Metzger (seen third from right in the picture above), Christian Cole, Chico Cole, James Komboh, Wasiu Sunmonu etc.

Who will forget MIGHTY BLACKPOOL in 1978 when they made the Ghanaians notice that Sierra Leone was no longer “innocent” in soccer, when they humiliated the great Accra Hearts of Oak 2-0 in that epic Africa Club Champions match in Freetown ( with unforgettable goals from Allieu Ngayenga and Alusine Terry? They upstaged the act in 1986 when they qualified for the Quarter-finals of the Africa Cup of Champions.

Can anybody in West Africa ever forget SIERRA FISHERIES? This was one of the teams that made Sierra Leoneans walk with pride when they ravaged and decimated teams in both the WAFU Cup and the 1982 Africa Cup of Champions, in which they eliminated three top African teams including the Mighty Enugu Rangers of Nigeria and the then powerful Sekondi Hassacas of Ghana? Who has forgotten wonderful names like Abu Gbator Sesay, Abu Sankoh (Zagalo), Mahmoud Kamara, Idrissa Police Kamara, Atto Mensah, etc who made Fisheries one of West Africa’s best teams in the early 1980?

What about the Brazilians of Sierra Leone—Real Republicans–a name that still rings in the minds of West African soccer fans? Who will ever forget names like Mazolla Kamara, Abu Syrian Bangura, Tejan Conteh, Albert Conteh, Goalkeeper Frank Williams, Augustus Lawson, Amadu Rappel Kamara etc?

What about “the Killers’ , the Red Roaring East End Lions , who played in the WAFU Cup final against the Niger Armed Forces Team in 1998 ? Lions may not have won any cup in Africa, but in West Africa (like Mighty Blackpool) they are one of the legendary names. They gave Sierra Leone one of Africa’s most sensational dribblers ever, the late Ishmael Dyfan and one of West Africa’s most uncanny goalkeepers Brima Attuga Kamara (also dead)

Sierra Leone was not known for winning trophies but when the books are ever written about teams that embellished football in West Africa, her name will not be left out. She has produced some brilliant teams. Even though they have no international glory to boast of, teams like Old Edwardians , Regents Olympic and Freetown United, as well as the now-disbanded Bolton Nationale and King Tom Rovers were all once good sides that played dazzling and flowing football to the fascination of soccer fans.

But the question many people in the diaspora are asking is “where have all these great clubs gone?”.It is distressing that not much is being heard any more about Sierra Leone’s famed soccer sides. What happened to all of them?

Some Freetown-based Sierra Leoneans to whom this Editor posed the question replied that the first thing to be considered is that Sierra Leone no longer has a consistent and well-organized National League, as was the case in the past when we had one of the best-organized championship competitions in West Africa. There was a time in Sierra Leone when every football fan looked forward to the coming of the month of May, when the league championship competition will start and last until January when the season ended with the National F.A. Cup final.

Today, Sierra Leone soccer seems to be suffering first from a dearth of committed sports organizers and promoters. In the good, old days, we had people like Jamil Sahid Muhammed, Nahim Khadi, C.A.Camara-Taylor, Brigadier Joseph Momoh, Edward Akar Kassim Basma and others who really loved the game and ensured its continuity .They used to spend big to make sure that the game survived every year. Today, such football promoters are no longer in existence in the country.

There is also the complaint from soccer fans that this government has not given priority to sports. The people that the government has placed in top sporting positions are the main problem. They lack vision and creativity like the sports promoters of the past. They have failed to design sporting programs that will strengthen our soccer and keep the game and teams alive. Our top players could not be retained due to poor incentives and have abandoned their clubs to play abroad. Teams are dying from lack of sponsorship.

The very dismal performance of our national team, Leone Stars in the African Nations Cup and World Cup Qualifying is a reflection of the pitiful standard of football in present day Sierra Leone.


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